Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable strength training to people everywhere.
Make it affordable, accessible, adaptable.
We’re taking barbells to the next level.

Our Story

Working with NBA players and elite athletes in NYC, Andrew Page realized that the 7-foot, 45lb Olympic Bar struggled as a functional tool for most people. String together a couple BMX bike wheels, a cable cross bar and some 2” ends and you have what is, effectively, an ultralight Olympic Barbell that anyone can lift.

Such was the first version of what we now call The Axle. It’s a tool that lets every one of any level experience the benefits of lifting. Every detail from the length to the grip, to the air-filled smooth-rolling tires, are designed to give the user an empowering training experience. And it fits in a bag. With lifting wherever you go, strength and performance have never been easier.

Axle. Just add work.

The Team

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