Axle Barbell (11lbs) + 2 Axle Olympic Wheels (5lbs) + 2 Clamps (bar supports up to 150lbs of regular plates). Foot straps sold separately.

Axle Barbell (11lbs) + 2 Axle Olympic Wheels (5lbs) + 2 Clamps (bar supports up to 150lbs of regular plates). Foot straps sold separately.

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Ultralight (11lb), Olympic Plate Loading (up to 150lb), Strength Band Loading, collapsible, designed to roll with your hands or feet. The first-ever functional barbell. Barbell and two (2) wheels included. Plates not included. Product ships in 5-10 business days.


Interested in multiple Axles for your facility? Contact us for wholesale pricing!

Product ships in 5-10 business days. Weight plates sold separately. Foot straps sold separately.


Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions139.7 × 48.7 × 6 cm

17 reviews for Axle Barbell (11lbs) + 2 Axle Olympic Wheels (5lbs) + 2 Clamps (bar supports up to 150lbs of regular plates). Foot straps sold separately.

  1. James Marshawn (verified owner)

    I’m a personal trainer who likes to work with clients at their homes and at our local soccer fields. The Axle is a perfect tool because I can get 4x the amount of exercises out of one single tool. Had it 3mos. Highly recommend. Doesn’t rust (yet).

  2. Ed Ramsey

    Bought this for my garage gym. Perfect barbell because I don’t have a ton of space with kid stuff about.

    Load limit for OLY plates is 150lb which is usually plenty for the amount of time I have (need quick workouts). Loads a band too so I can get an extra 30-40lbs out of it.

    Nice piece

  3. Luca Arrigoni

    I received my axle on Friday while I was away and I was only able to open it last night as I got home… this morning at 5:15am I had my first axle workout and I’m still excited!!! It’s an amazing full body workout. I’m usually not into weights and this 11pounds barbell with wheels is the perfect easy access to it! Very easy to assemble: it took me 3 minutes to put all the pieces together before using it. Crunch offers this workout (I’m obsessed with it) and they have plastic foot pedals… I’m not used to the fabric ones I got and I’m still not sure if they are better or worst. Getting the plastic ones would have been more convenient, however it will be easier to travel with the fabric ones. On the same traveling note (I like to spend weekends away): I would love to have a carry on bag where I could storage the axle in pieces and carry it with me (I saw it on some videos online and I’ll look more into it). The cardboard package is perfect for shipping and it’s too big and heavy to use it everyday. I’ll carry my axle on my shoulder for now. If you’re still not familiar with this equipment I’d highly encourage you to look up at videos online and/or to take classes, I’m sure you’ll love it as well!!!

  4. Grant F Feek

    The Axle is an extremely versatile piece of workout equipment, and the training materials have helped us figure out how to use it.

    Some quick background about us:
    We have been attending “Body Pump” classes for years, and have really enjoyed it. I play basketball at least once a week, and my girlfriend does a lot of circuit training.

    The Axle is a similar piece of equipment to the Body Pump set up, in that it can be loaded with weight and used for dead lifts, squats, curls, etc etc, highly versatile. And so we generally use it in our tiny studio apartment for very short workouts (10-20 minutes) when we don’t have time to make it to the gym or out for a run.

    Also, for me, the Axle is the ultimate abdominal workout. It absolutely rips through your core like nothing I’ve ever tried. That’s what I use it for most frequently.

    My biggest complaint about the Axle is that it showed up with deflated tires, and it took us a week to get to find a bike pump with which to inflate the tires.

  5. Casey R

    So I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga teacher, and I gotta say: not only is the axle the best thing I’ve found to date for core work, it’s basically an entire home gym. It’s sort of like a barbell/ab roller/reformer in one.

    I love using it with clients at Clay Gym (my local high end gym near Union Square in Manhattan) because it’s intuitive, makes me look cutting edge, and it’s way kinder on the low back than an ab roller.

    Personally, I have Ehlers-Danlos, so stability work is my jam, and it’s ideal for this, especially when it comes to single limb exercises.

    I will say though: it can be hard on the wrists if clients (or you) have wrist issues, so make sure you’re keeping a strong grip with proper alignment.

    The other great thing is that it’s surprisingly lightweight and discreet, not to mention collapsible. (I live in NYC and my apartment’s small, so this is huge for me).

  6. Anonymous

    I ordered the Axle because I saw a video with people working out using it, and they were doing the same maneuvers I usually do in my pilates class. I’m a new mom and I have zero time anymore to head off to pilates and barre class, so I was trying to do something that would give me the same results minus the time / commitment / money involved. I got the Axle and no joke, it’s under 5 minutes to open the box and assemble (for reference, I’m a fairly small female with not a lot of muscle). Fully assembled, it can easily fit in a very small closet, or you can pull the wheels off and store it dissembled where it takes up less space (I store assembled so I can easily grab it to work out).

    I ordered this a month ago because – full disclosure here – I was shopping around for an easy workout program and wasn’t sure if this would be it. I didn’t have high hopes for the Axle because I’m not that familiar with barbells and honestly, how much can you do with one? Fast forward a month later and I. Am. Obsessed. I can’t believe what an incredible solution Axle has been. If you’re a person that’s looking for sculpting results, that wants to do it in an efficient, quick, method (we’re talking 30 minutes or less) in your house or apartment where you don’t have a lot of room – this is exactly what you need. The instructions come with a couple quick exercises but I use their online videos. The results, in one month, have been better than my barre and pilates class combined (I used to do one barre and one pilates class a week). I don’t go to class anymore, I just use the Axle about 3-4 times a week for about 20-30 min, depending on my time. I keep the Axle set up in my (small) spare bedroom and I need very little space to work with it. This is a GREAT tool. Even on days I can’t work out, I can pop in and do a couple quick squats and lifts. I definitely recommend as a workout tool, and it’s been a great product so far; the quality and workmanship is 100%.

  7. BKashFit

    I absolutely ADORE my AXLE! It’s so light that I can really bring it everywhere & versatile enough where I feel like I can truly get a full-body workout – I’ve actually started using this MORE than my TRX which has always been my go-to “anytime, anywhere” equipment; I think the AXLE is a bit better with keeping me accountable as far as form goes, you can’t cheat with this guy which is FANTASTIC! The AXLE website/IG also has a ton of exercises which makes it easy to make a routine. Bringing it to the gym and loading it up with plates is nice too when I’m looking for a heavier strength-based workout, and some gyms have classes which is cool to get more ideas & make the most out of it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  8. Deuce Johnson

    I have to be honest and say that writing this review has been a bit challenging, as there are so many great things about this piece of equipment; haven utilizing the Axel for some time now, as the commercial gym I work from offers it as a class.

    As a Strength & Conditioning Coach my job is to educate students/clients on the importance of movement and exercise daily. The Axle honestly makes my job not only a bit easier with some clients but challenged my own training programs moving forward.


    – Quick easy assemble and breakdown. Makes for a great traveling piece of equipment You can transport it easily and set up.

    – Some clients need a starting point lower than the standard naked bar of 45 lbs and even the trainee bar, of 25 lbs can be too much when learning/relearning form and technique. Where as an 11 lb, fully assembled, Axel can be just enough weight for their CNS to create great neuromuscular connective.
    Which makes it also Amazing for beginnings coming into the Olympic lifting realm of things.

    – The highlight of this Functional piece of equipment is this: The functional movements performed on the Axel, not only creates instability within one’s body that force constant activating of your core muscles, but that every muscle in your body is working!


    – The foot straps that come with the Axel are cloth, which I’m not the greatest fan of as they lack security. But there is an option for the harder plastic straps I’ve been accustomed to.

    – It would have been great to have a compartment carrying/storage bag to make commuting with it easier; especially in NYC.

    I honestly couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and truly looking forward to the warmer weather so my backyard gym can finally be complete!!!!

  9. Don C

    I used it at a gym, LOVED it so I bought one, the air in the tires really helps the banging around, and the height really saves your lower back, pretty awesome.

  10. arlenis

    The Axle had hassle-free packaging and easy to assemble. The Axle Workout is versatile from beginner to advance-multifunction exercise tool. Great for the glutes, abs, arms, legs and whole body. Worth every penny- travel-friendly from indoor to outdoor workouts. You won’t be disappointed!

  11. meldra

    love my axle !! my trainer uses with me all the time, its so versatile ! and i love the workouts that come with it.

    the gym in my building is kinda limited equipment-wise and i find it to be an awesome way to use weights in so many different ways !

  12. Cristina Page

    This is a great product! We got our AXLE a few weeks ago, and my husband & I have both used it in our living room several times. I tried the AXLE for the first time in a group class in NYC a few years ago – I was so happy to find it now on amazon.
    We’ve been following along with the AXLE Youtube channel, which has great 30-minute full-body workouts. The channel also has demos of good exercises. I’m a small woman and it is not too heavy for me. I use it unloaded, but my husband likes to load weights on it for an extra challenge. One of the advantages is that it is really easy to combine flexibility exercises & strength exercises. I find that I’m sore in all the tough places the next day (gluts, inner thighs, abs). And I appreciate that it isn’t too big – it’s easy to take apart & doesn’t take up much space in our living room. Honestly, I have no complaints. It’s the perfect home workout tool for us.

  13. Dave

    I picked up The Axle a few months ago and am really impressed by the results achieved in a relatively short amount of time. I heard of this product through a friend that used it at a local workout class and decided to give it a go ahead of my New Year’s Resolution to get back in shape. I have an extremely busy work schedule and constantly struggle to get to the gym so this allows me to work out from home without the need to dedicate an entire room to bulky workout equipment. I also spend a ton of time on the road for work and The Axle has been great for travel given how easy and quickly it can be broken down and stashed in my trunk, in addition to the number of exercises you can perform in pretty much any room with a small amount of space.

    I’ve always preferred more of a full body rapid workout with a cardio focus as opposed to grinding it out at the gym for several hours / concentrating on one or two major muscle groups per day so I was looking for something that offered a lot of versatility. The bar supports more than enough weight needed for my purposes (I am a 6’2, 215-lb male) to do curls, squats, clean press, military press, etc. and the wheels allow the user to perform a number of different exercises designed to help strengthen the core. I’ve also found the height provided by the wheels to be more than adequate for dips, push-ups, etc. Based on the use I’ve gotten out of it so far, this product is probably not best suited for heavy weightlifters trying to seriously bulk up, but really excels for those looking for high reps, exercises to burn fat/calories, and improving muscle definition and flexibility. Even if you’re part of the former, this is a good product to mix in on core-focus days. There are some great videos on YouTube including full classes that I’ve been using to mix up the exercises and to make it feel more interactive, which has been great for me given the difficulty I have getting to the gym.

    No real complaints so far, although it would be great if it came with a carrying case similar to the one the girl is using on the product website in the “Break It Down” section (or if there was an option to bundle it with my purchase at checkout) given that it looks specifically designed for The Axle….other than that, I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to use it going forward as an integral part of my weekly workout routine.

  14. Andrea P

    I just love my axle. I live in a building with a very nice gym but, with all the bells and whistles, there wasn’t a simple barbell. So my workouts were always a bit more limited. I finally got the axle (and can easily store it collapsed in my apartment) and now I am able to bring my fitness to the next level, even on a really busy schedule. I love it because it is so versatile that it can be a pillar of my workout on a light day or a heavy day. And it costs only as much as one month in a gym or 1-2 sessions with a trainer. Very, very, reasonable for what you get. The exercises that go well with it use a whole family of muscles at once making my workout way more efficient. For people who don’t live in NYC and don’t want to drive to a gym every day, it is a no-brainer to have in the house to ensure you get a full body workout. My next purchase will be to get one for my dad who is getting older and trying to stay fit and will be able to incorporate it into his daily calisthenics. It’s so light yet can hold heavy weights because it fits with any weights you find in a normal gym. Really looking forward to reaching more ambitious fitness goals in 2019 with this fairly inexpensive investment in improving every workout.

  15. christina

    Living in a small apartment in New York, it’s perfect that my Axle is collapsible and fits right in the closet when I’m not using it! With the workouts available on the app, it’s easy to cast right onto the TV and get a workout in. I can be nervous at the gym in front of everyone, so this gives me the opportunity to work out in my apartment with ease.

  16. d.freeman92

    I love my Axle, it’s so lightweight it can travel with me and I don’t have to skip out on my workout routine!

  17. Dr. Michael Reid

    I received my first Axle during the Covid-19 pandemic. I first toted it to the park and had a slew of exercises that I could do but then had to become more creative as the quarantine became more restrictive. Now, I am limited to our terrace and indoors but thank goodness that I have the Axle, as it permits me to add the variety and intensity, particularly for core work, that my Peloton, pilates, and online workouts don’t approach. After Covid-19 I imagine that the Axle will be a major component of my workout regime, as I imagine how much that I can do once I get straps, plates, etc. Also, the fluorescent color is also quite cool. It imbues a certain elite elegance. Thank you.

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