Axle at the Gym

Why Axle

Developed by professional trainers for professional athletes, Axle empowers anyone to lift even if you’ve never done it before. It fully scales from youth to fit fans to professional athletes and stores easier than any functional training tool in the gym.

Our group programs cater to all levels of people looking for health, fitness, and performance. We bring science from our athlete training centers straight to your gym.

Personal Training

Take your clients to the next level with scalable foundations, loaded and Olympic lifting. Learn how to design programs like a pro athlete trainer through our instructor-led workshops with a textbook and practical applications. As an Axle coach, you’ll be equipped with skills and techniques to optimize strength, prevent injuries, improve mobility and performance.

Online and live trainings available for CEC’s with your continuing ed partners.

Roll with Us

Bring barbell strength training to all fitness levels. Become an Axle partner and offer your members the first speed-strength program brought to you by The Axle Workout. With systems for both Small Group and Large Group training, our fitness classes offer something for everyone, from foundational strength and mobility to core to Olympic lifting and plyometrics. See for yourself why fitness studios (and their members) love The Axle.


Just a few of the partners that roll with us.

Bring barbell training to all fitness levels.