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Save This Quick Workout for the Big Game on Sunday

Save This Quick Workout for the Big Game on Sunday

| by Yesenia Marrero

With the big game just around the corner (we’re very excited for two new teams AND the halftime show in Miami), it’s a good reminder of how vigorous activity can transform the body in incredible ways. Referencing the still-relevant WSJ article from 2010, an NFL game runs approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes but only 11 of those minutes consist of actual “action.” Removing contact from the sport for the purpose of this discussion, players are still pushing, pulling, sprinting and changing direction at maximum effort in very small time windows. They train year-round just to be able to optimize their performance for these 11-minutes (and most players only play 3-4 minutes of that!). What can the fitness community learn from this? That short, intense workouts can be incredibly effective.

So, let’s take a page out of the pros book and do a short, yet effective, workout and maximize our results. This particular weekend you don’t have time for an hour-long workout!

The Workout:
● 10 Axle Dead Lifts
● 8 Axle Squats
● 6 Axle Push-Ups
● 30-Second Rest

No Axle yet? No problem – here’s a bodyweight workout to try!

The Workout:
● 10 Mountain Climbers
● 8 Skaters
● 6 Split Squat Jumps
● 4 Burpees
● 30-Second Rest

You can do this workout anywhere! So, let’s break the sedentary syndrome and maximize our time – ‘cause we have things to do!

Do the workout and tag us on social media! Get the fam involved too – we love seeing the whole clan move together.

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