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Axle Workout Instructor Profile: Nick Peralta

Meet your Axle Workout Instructor, Nick Peralta

Nick Peralta believes early fitness education can make a lasting impact. Going into his seventh year in the fitness industry, Nick has come to realize his true passion lies in working with the youth. Throughout his life, he has spearheaded youth flag football leagues and coached kids of all ages. 

Nick sees a lot of himself in the kids he works with. "I wish I had someone seeing me and coaching me through movements," Nick explained, going on to say as a kid, he longed for someone to teach him fitness and instill healthy habits. 

A Storied Fitness Career

Nick's fitness career started when he sustained a severe shoulder injury during a high school baseball game that put him out of commission for the rest of the game and fledgling career.

Nick went to college to pursue kinesiology, but he still felt lost. Not being able to play baseball or work out to his full potential made him feel like a "lost puppy." Finally, Nick decided he was going to get back into fitness – no matter what it took.

Nick pursued physical therapy and began the process of rehabilitating his high school shoulder injury. While overcoming his injury, he came up with the motto "train smarter, not harder," and Nick embodies this idea every day of his life by doing right by himself and his clients. 

After rehab, Nick began training with young athletes before transitioning to group fitness classes, then into personal training before finally spearheading his own business venture.

Because of the pandemic, Nick now primarily works in mobile fitness training while dabbling in sports performance. With his mobile business, Nick needed portable equipment – which led him to Axle.

Nick's Style of Fitness Training

Nick prefers a functional approach to fitness, incorporating agility training while educating himself on new training styles. Mobility is essential in his training routines which is one reason why he loves Axle. The Axle Barbell is a central tool in the work he does with his clients. Axle has enabled Nick to work with clients who are no longer reluctant or afraid to use a barbell.

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We Asked Nick Some Questions...

Do you do cardio? 

I do a lot of work outdoors. I enjoy doing Olympic lifts with my Axle Barbell because it affords me more control. I'll also sprinkle in some other exercises like sprint work and plyometrics. 

What is your style of teaching?

Good question. I prefer to use the "tough love" approach with clients. Over the years, I've worked with many different people, and one thing remains the same: telling the truth is essential.

You need a reason why you're performing the exercises you're doing. Burning calories isn't a good enough motivator. I help my clients find their purpose – their why – and then translate their motivation into exercises relevant to their sport. 

What is a typical day of eating for you?

  • Morning: A high protein shake packed with protein powder, fruit, veggies (or veggies powder when I'm lazy), lots of fiber powder, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.
  • Mid-morning: A high protein snack such as salmon or chicken sausage.
  • Late afternoon: A healthy burger or fish (with a lettuce wrap) – keep it as gluten-free as possible.
  • Dinner: Rice, potatoes, veggies, lean meats (mainly fish and beef because pork upsets my stomach).

Do you track your food or eat intuitively?

I track about 70-80% of my daily caloric intake; I used to track 100%, but now I can eyeball and estimate portion control. I try to eat anywhere from 160-180g protein to retain as much lean muscle as possible and keep my fat intake high to stay satiated, but my daily carbohydrate intake fluctuates.

Admittedly, I also have an insane sweet tooth. It's my number one struggle when it comes to health and fitness. As a kid, my nutrition wasn't a priority and, eventually, I saw how it hurt my energy and performance levels.

So, while I allow myself to indulge from time to time, I keep a close eye on my sugar intake so it doesn't get out of control. Sugar can be an addiction, and I need to consume it in moderation.

What do you recommend for people who struggle with feeling unmotivated?

Go online and find three people you look up to and ask them for help. I don't think a lack of motivation is the problem but, rather, a feeling of guilt or shame for asking for help.

There's no shame in getting help in fitness. It's like going to a therapist; it's essential to ask for advice and guidance from a neutral third party if you want to improve your fitness game or get one step closer to reaching your health goals.

Join the Axle community! Check out this week's LIVE classes and training sessions.

What would you say to someone who wants to get into the fitness industry professionally? 

Establish your why early on. Have you ever struggled with anything fitness or nutrition-related? Some people are naturally in shape but don't understand the concept of struggle.

It's hard to be a good coach if you've never struggled with anything on your journey to health and wellness. You need to solve a problem in yourself first, and only then can you learn to help someone else. 

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

Well, this might sound weird, but taking sugar-free jello and mixing it with high protein Greek yogurt. It makes a jello sundae. Very filling and tasty!

What is your favorite Axle Workout lift or exercise?

I love to do Axle Plank walks outside with my Axle Barbell. I also really enjoy doing a bear crawl with my hands on the Barbell; it makes for a great upper body exercise. Otherwise, I also enjoy doing power cleans and other Olympic lifts.

Nick and Axle Workout

I love that my Axle is entirely portable. I initially discovered Axle because I was looking for an efficient, robust and mobile workout for myself and my clients. Anyone can use Axle, which makes it perfect for teaching my clients that vary in age range and fitness level. I've trained so many clients with Axle – from 8-year-old kids to 70-year-old women. I use the Barbell either with no weight or stack it up to 300lbs! 

I also love Axle Live. Axle's 30-minute classes are perfect for squeezing in a quick and challenging exercise after work, before dinner or right before you settle in for the night. People need more consistency and different types of classes to prevent overtraining, and Axle Live provides just that.

Join Nick teaching the Foundations class, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am PST/12:30 pm EST! Only on Axle Live, download Axle Live for iOS and Android.

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