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  • Axle Workout Instructor Profile: Nick Peralta

    Meet your Axle Workout Instructor, Nick Peralta Nick Peralta believes early fitness education can make a lasting impact. Going into his seventh ...
  • Axle Workout Instructor Profile: Grace Sanford

    Classically trained dance and Axle Workout master coach Grace Sanford considers herself clumsy, but dance and movement are Grace's life passion...
  • My Experience With The Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge

    Like so many others, I rang in 2021 anxious to correct all the bad habits I'd picked up during quarantine. My poor diet and Netflix binges all started to catch up and began turning me into someone I didn't recognize. I knew something had to change.

    Sympathetic to my struggle, my friends suggested I get back on track by enrolling in a fitness challenge. Reluctant but determined to make a change, I began searching for a fitness program to kickstart my health journey. My research eventually led me to the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge.

    I admit I was intimidated to get back into the fitness game, but the program was $21 for 21 days, a low-risk personal investment for a fair price. I reasoned I didn't have much to lose and everything to gain.

  • Alleviate Lower Back Pain With These Three Simple Stretches

    The suffering that comes from lower back pain can take over your entire life. Sixteen million US adults report chronic back pain, which only accou...
  • How Strength Training Compliments Your Home Cardio Workouts

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive surge in at-home workout and equipment sales. Peoples' daily gym sessions were traded in for online spin cla...
  • Prevent Injuries By Training One Leg At A Time

    Every joint in your body is cushioned by muscles that generate and control your movement. But if muscles on one side of your joint become too tight from overuse, it could lead to the muscles on the other side of your body becoming weak from lack of use. This is called a muscle imbalance. 
  • Why You Should Focus On Mobility Training To Feel Your Best In 2021

    Becoming more muscular, leaner, or faster demands more than just daily cardio and weight lifting. When it comes to improving your fitness regimen,...
  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Honoring Black Excellence in The Axle Community

    BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Honoring Black Excellence in The Axle Community  It's Black History Month and Axle Workout is celebrating by featuring bl...
  • How Strength Training Helps to Prevent Disease

    Over the last thirty years the medical community has suggested cardiometabolic conditioning as an optimal way to stay healthy. This has fueled the...
  • How to Make Your Butt Look Good in Jeans: Three Best Exercises

    In 2021 butts are in. Big butts, little butts, all butts are in, but specifically, butts that look good in jeans. It can feel horrible trying on a...
  • Save This Quick Workout for the Big Game on Sunday