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BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Honoring Black Excellence in The Axle Community

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Honoring Black Excellence in The Axle Community 
It's Black History Month and Axle Workout is celebrating by featuring black excellence in health and wellness within our community. We are excited to feature one of those strong voices who positively impact the fitness community as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and performance coach. 
Ray Boyd is the proud owner and founder of The Training Floor, a performance training facility located in Stamford, CT., offering unparalleled training services for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. His facility has been feverishly operating for 14 yrs and offers a variety of fitness modalities that includes boxing, kettlebells and the Axle Workout. Although his primary passion is teaching, he also relentlessly focuses on his staff, production and community. 
Who are your biggest inspirations from the Black Fitness Community?
 "I feel honored to be recognized by Axle during Black History Month. I am living the dream as a gym owner. I understand the impact I make on so many people's lives and I look forward to helping them get healthier everyday. I have so many outstanding professionals that inspire me in the fitness community. If I had to pick, I would start with my best friend Richard Fewel because he introduced me to the fitness industry over 20 yrs ago. Also I would like to mention Michael Piercy as he helped me grow as a professional. 
How do you envision yourself in the next 10 yrs while inspiring the next generation of black business leaders and entrepreneurs?
 Ray considers himself to be a voice, advocate and leader of making fitness essential. "One of the most painful things I had to go through this past year was having to close my facility for 3 months due to the pandemic. I can't imagine the pain of the other millions of gym owners who were forced to close. I deeply believe that fitness is essential and society needs to know it. I want to be able to get that message out there when this is over."

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