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My Experience With The Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge

Like so many others, I rang in 2021 anxious to correct all the bad habits I'd picked up during quarantine. My poor diet and Netflix binges all started to catch up and began turning me into someone I didn't recognize. I knew something had to change.

Sympathetic to my struggle, my friends suggested I get back on track by enrolling in a fitness challenge. Reluctant but determined to make a change, I began searching for a fitness program to kickstart my health journey. My research eventually led me to the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge.

I admit I was intimidated to get back into the fitness game, but the program was $21 for 21 days, a low-risk personal investment for a fair price. I reasoned I didn't have much to lose and everything to gain.

My concerns going into the challenge

When I think back to my mindset before the challenge, I remember being excited and apprehensive. During my introduction call, my coaches explained I might feel lethargic during the first week or two of the challenge. While this did intimidate me, I decided to push forward. The Axle team made me feel comfortable, seen and supported at all times.

What is the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge?

The purpose of the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge is to teach your body to metabolize fats and proteins as an energy source efficiently. In an average Western diet, we tend to use carbohydrates as our primary energy source because foods like bread and pasta are cheap to find and easy to make. 

There are several long-term benefits to incorporating more lean proteins and fats into our diets, like reducing inflammation and promoting a healthy metabolism.

My biggest roadblocks to success during the challenge

During the challenge, I realized just how many carbs I consume daily and how I don't necessarily need all of them. If you're like me and notice you get the hunger pangs a few hours after eating dinner, it probably means you're overdoing it on the carbs. 

Saying goodbye to sugar

I love bread, tortillas, candy, and all kinds of simple carbohydrates you find in the snack food aisle. Who doesn't? But all these tempting treats break down into simple sugars, which causes insulin levels in our body to spike, leading to a sugar crash and subsequent hunger.

While it was hard to give up sugar at first, I used to keep dark chocolate-covered fruit around my house until I realized that 150 calorie handfuls multiple times per day turned into 600 extra calories daily! Substituting these chocolate-covered morsels with fresh helped to satisfy my sugar cravings.

I sustained my energy levels by learning to eat nutrient-dense complex carbohydrates throughout the day, making it easier to take longer breaks between meals without feeling sluggish or irritable.

Decreasing carbohydrate intake

Throughout the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge, I slowly reduced my carbohydrate intake. This gradual and incremental change taught my body what I needed to survive and thrive. As a result, I ended up feeling better. 

Pushing through the lows

The first few days of the challenge proved difficult. However, I appreciated being spoon-fed a new rule or mini-challenge every couple of days, making the program easier to work through than going full tilt. I was even able to eat fruit throughout most of the challenge until the very end. I also stuck to no alcohol for all 21 days of the program! I tend to drink a glass of wine with my dinner, so forgoing those unnecessary calories was a sobering experience (literally).

Doing the challenge with someone else

I decided to do the challenge with my roommate. In retrospect, having a partner made it much easier to stick with the challenge. It was nice to have someone to complain to and lean on during my lows. In any moment of weakness, we reminded each other why we committed ourselves to the program.

How I ultimately came to love my experience

I loved the Axle Workout 21 Day Metabolic Challenge because I felt that I had support from the Axle team the whole time. Having a dietician and an exercise and training specialist on call made me feel at ease and confident I could follow through with the challenge.

If you are considering the Axle Metabolic 21-Day Challenge 

If you're still on the fence about trying the Axle Metabolic 21-Day Challenge, go for it! Thanks to the challenge, I lost weight, got compliments from nearly everyone in my life, and feel like a fat-burning machine! 


Whether you're looking to lose weight or become less carbohydrate dependant, I highly recommend this program. Who knows, this challenge may be a catalyst for a lasting lifestyle change. Either way, you owe it to yourself to try something new!


UPDATE: The next Axle Metabolic 21-Day Challenge is ready for registration in The Axle Workout App now! Sign up today and get ready to make a transformation.

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